Bang Out a Kiki Mariko

I was looking around on Ravelry at all the Kiki Mariko rugs. Very inspirational. As I have chosen a different color way I had been trying to figure out how to keep it straight with the chart. I saw this great index card idea and made one for myself, going in order from bottom to top (same as the charts).

I also penciled in the names of the colors on each row.

Good Luck to me! See you all at 5:00


I’m in and very excited - don’t usually do KAL’s


Hi everyone - I just started my Kiki Mariko during the Zoom call. Mine may end up looking wonky because I started Chart II instead of Chart I. Am going for it though :slight_smile: When I have more knitted will post a pic. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress! Malinda


Progress so far:

Knitting inside out so floats are on outside, so hopefully make my tension better. Holding ‘old’ yarn in left hand and throwing, and new yarn in right hand and knitting continental. Started steek wrong but not frogging for that. :slight_smile:


So now I am confused about the stranding on this piece. From our zoom meeting is sounds like the first round is done in a double strand of one color to stablize the edge. Then I see that most of you knit one strand of each combo color (A&B), not double strands of each. Is that correct? One person looked like she double stranded each color.

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So excited by this project! I am using just four colors (anyone else?). Waiting for my yarn to arrive. Think I have recharted the pattern to my liking (I keep changing it). Looking forward to seeing everyone’s results!


So the first row is knit single stranded but you alternate two stitches pulled from the center and then two stitches pulled from the outside so it’s still stranded knitting and stays consistent with the rest of the pieces. Does that make sense?


not really. Center of what? Do you have a diagram or video?

You’re just knitting using both ends of the one skein, alternating 2 by 2. Same as when you use two colors for your stranded knit pattern but you only use one color for that first row.


Is there a version of the chart somewhere that isn’t color coded? Hoping to play with my colors a bit on paper first. Thanks


I have a black and white one I can post shortly! Give me just a few :slight_smile:


Thank you, just looking at this helped me figure it out.

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I’m using the Blue kit. My chart only has 7 colors instead of the 10 in the other one. Can someone please tell me which one is the B color? I’m thinking the Violet Fields is the A color, right?

For the blue kit, color A is Turquoise Depths and color B is Dynamite Blue

Hopefully you can get the gist of the pattern and can play around with some color on knitters graph paper! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Thank you!

I cannot wait to see your beach palette!

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@JM_Lark @lucy.fleming steek photo

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Some people are using lighter weight stash yarn with multiple strands. That might caus the confusion.

Here’s what my project looks like on the front and back.
My color A is dark charcoal and color B is purple. I wanted a wider border so I decided to knit 3 rows with the dark charcoal before beginning the color work pattern. These three rows were knit with two separate strands of the same color, dark charcoal, but knit two handed as if I was knitting the stranded pattern. You can see the floats on the back side. ![IMG_5428 2.HEIC|375x500](upload:

(Also, I used a provisional cast on so I can bind off in a way that will hopefully further prevent the flare!)