Booties--Need Pattern Ideas

At some point in the not-too-distant past, Ann or Kay listed a number of baby booties patterns. As I recall, she asked people to list their favorites and then she provided a bit of a run down. I can’t find it. Any tips?

I don’t recall that thread but love Christine’s Stay-On Booties and Saartje’s, too.

Yarnharlot’s Cutest Booties (on Ravelry) are great

Thanks, that’s all I need. I was just frustrated that I couldn’t find their post. It was in Letters, probably. It wasn’t a Lounge Post. But I just needed a few ideas that have been recommended by others. I have knitted one pattern many times–they are easy because they are knitted flat. But I have never been happy with how the seaming up looks.
i think this is what you are looking for!


here’s my favorite bootie pattern - baby tennies!

Thanks everyone! Happy New Year!