Coins Pillow Pattern Repeat

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right place. Months ago I did a little sampler of the Coins motif from Field Guide #13 Master Class and loved it. I cast on 74 stitches because that was the first number given and it looked great, all balanced and nice. Now I want to start an actual cushion and do the the next size which is 14 x 14. So I cast on 84, the second cast on number, and added 5 stitches for a steek since I’m doing this in the round. But the motif isn’t balanced and the left edge is different from the right one. I have double checked my work many times and can’t figure out what to do. I looked at all the cast on numbers and they are not all divisible by 8 or 9. I read somewhere in the Giftalong Forum that the repeat for knitting this chart flat is 8 plus 1. So what is the repeat for knitting it in the round supposed to be for Coins? Probably too late at night for my brain, but hoping someone can explain.


Sorry, my sample was 72, which is divisible by 8

You’ll still want to do x8 plus 1, plus the steek stitches for a symmetrically balanced pattern.
@Kay worked 5 steek stitches to make her amazing throw, as I recall.
: )