Colour Explosion

I am planning to use my leftovers from the Kites Throw to knit the Colour Explosion Throw. I chose the colours for my Kites Throw from a carpet I love.

The kit for the Colour Explosion shows 2 balls for each of 8 colours and 3 balls for each of the remaining 3 colours. But in the electronic version of the Field Guide it calls for 2 balls of all 11 colours. I think this may be an error.

I would like to know which colours should have 3 balls. There are 3 of the colours in my selection that I particularly like and those are the 3 colours I want to use 3 balls for!


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Hi Arlene- the first 3 colors listed in the pattern are meant to have the 3 balls. Barn Red, Barbara, and Cumin. We do have the correction on our Errata page on our site–it’s always a good place to check if you have a particular question or if something doesn’t make sense!


Thanks, Allison. That solved it!

While I was there I noticed the “US7 or 3.75mm” his been corrected to “US7 or 4.5 mm”, However, the materials list is incorrect calling for “US7 or 4mm”

Will I be able to download a corrected version of the electronic version? It’s hard to keep track of these corrections on the electronic version….

Thanks again, Allison.


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If you are the knitter I think you are, who keyed the kites throw to that stunning vinrage rug with brick reds, teals , golds, etc. your throw will be totally amazing!

The sneaking trick for checking the effect of marling is to simply twist the two candidate yarns together to see the “barber pole” striping. No need to make a gazillion swatches, small ones or not. Your colors will go wellin marls because many of them have similar base colorant pigments in common. Enjoy!

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I am that knitter! And I just finished my Colour explosion!

Here it is…finished just in time for Christmas!


Woo hoo! Great job!

Love your colors :heart_eyes:

Gorgeous as expected!

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