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Colour Explosion

I am planning to use my leftovers from the Kites Throw to knit the Colour Explosion Throw. I chose the colours for my Kites Throw from a carpet I love.

The kit for the Colour Explosion shows 2 balls for each of 8 colours and 3 balls for each of the remaining 3 colours. But in the electronic version of the Field Guide it calls for 2 balls of all 11 colours. I think this may be an error.

I would like to know which colours should have 3 balls. There are 3 of the colours in my selection that I particularly like and those are the 3 colours I want to use 3 balls for!


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Hi Arlene- the first 3 colors listed in the pattern are meant to have the 3 balls. Barn Red, Barbara, and Cumin. We do have the correction on our Errata page on our site–it’s always a good place to check if you have a particular question or if something doesn’t make sense!


Thanks, Allison. That solved it!

While I was there I noticed the “US7 or 3.75mm” his been corrected to “US7 or 4.5 mm”, However, the materials list is incorrect calling for “US7 or 4mm”

Will I be able to download a corrected version of the electronic version? It’s hard to keep track of these corrections on the electronic version….

Thanks again, Allison.


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