Marlalong! We're knitting Field Guide No. 19: Marls

Welcome to the official marlalong for Field Guide No. 19: Marls beginning Tuesday Nov 2nd!

You can choose to knit any of Cecelia Campochiaro’s inspiring patterns from the Field Guide to dive into your very own Marling adventure–read all the details here.

Explore Felted Tweed for the Color Explosion Throw, the wide color range of Tvinni for the Spectra Sweater, the softer than soft Tynd for the Swarf (read: Dickie) and Striped Marl Hat, and one of our most popular indie dyers Freia Fibers and her Ombré Merino Lace for the Marlogram Scarf/Cowl. All yarns are welcome, of course!

You can read about how Ann has begun her marling journey with her own take on the Color Explosion Throw: Color Explosion Throw: Game On - Modern Daily Knitting and Color Explosion Throw: Weirdies - Modern Daily Knitting

Kay got a jump start and began with the Marlogram Scarf: Top Tips for the Marlogram Scarf/Cowl - Modern Daily Knitting and is now working her way through her version of the Color Explosion Throw: How to Design Your Own Color Explosion Throw - Modern Daily Knitting
Here you can find her top tips for the Marlogram scarf: Top Tips for the Marlogram Scarf/Cowl - Modern Daily Knitting

Feel free to post progress photos (the official hashtag is: #mdkmarlalong ), ask questions, offer any tips or advice, or just share the moral support we all need while tackling a new project! We’ll keep this main post updated with any new information so be sure to check back on the regular.


I’m going for the Dickie. Looks like a great unique addition for winter wear.


I’ve got the first strip done on a Color Explosion. I’m working with the Felted Tweed I had on hand but am already thinking about the palette for the next one.


and I have helpers


Beautiful. I purchased the felted tweed collection for the striped blanket and was afraid that would just get too Borgnine. I love what you have done with this. What size needle are you using?

I’m working on the cowl right now and loving it.


I’m using a size 9 Chiaogoo Red Lace circular, 60". I like the pointy tip. The only drawback is that I tend to knit with an Ipad in front of me and the cable from the needle interacts with the tablet when it hits the screen. Not sure if any cable does that or just the red lace one. Obviously 60" is way too long but it is what I had on hand. A more reasonable length one is on order.


Looking forward to some sorting of stash yarn colors to start the Throw.


Just finished the first panel of the color explosion throw using the kit. I have to confess to a couple of changes…… but I am loving it! Actually, I’m addicted! Can’t wait to see all of the projects here.


My first strip is done (from Rowan Felted Tweed stash). So much fun and blocking cures everything.


I’ll be participating in the marlalong with the Color Explosion Throw. I just ordered my yarn so I will be a little late getting started but I’m so excited.


I’m so excited this is finally here! I’ve been waiting for this for ages now (two weeks lol). I’m done with the first color strip of my Color Explosion Throw, which is really my second strip because I got to the end of it the first time and realized I needed to switch out some of the colors, so I picked up three more skeins and frogged back the whole thing. I’m using a DK yarn from a local dyer, MooRoo. It’s 70% wool, 30% silk, and is the perfect texture and sheen for this.

This is easily one of the most addictive patterns I’ve ever knit. The color changes come often enough that I never get bored. I keep thinking “Just one more box for tonight. Maybe just one more. Aaand maybe one more.” I’m in love with it, and can’t wait to see the whole thing come together.


I have a good start on my spectra sweater. I went with the same colors as the pattern but switched the fuchsia for teal.


Happy Tuesday! I am excited to join in the Marlalong with the Striped Mark Hat. I chose the hat because I have a nice stash of fingering yarn I had earmarked for socks. The two colors I landed on I was not expecting to like so much but when I did my micro swatch, I fell in love with the colors all over. My light color is from Malabrigo that is a cream color with flecks of rust and gray, and my dark color I picked up in Canada from Biscotte Yarns. It is a dark orange ombre.
Time to cast on!


My first marlogram in Freia ombré Dusk and Vintage. I enjoyed it so much that while I was knitting this I bought Freia for two more cowls-Aurora with Chinook and Canyon with Woodsman


This is my color card for the Color Explosion Throw. I didn’t want to have to keep constantly referring to the pattern to see what the next color was, so I wrote it out on the color card. I thought other people might like this idea too. I’ve found it’s a nice way to keep track of everything!


I couldn’t wait to start the throw! Such a fan of everything Cecelia does and have knitted a few scarves which have been my favorite projects ever! Here’s my color card - all Felted Tweed because I had never knit with that before and wanted to try it (it’s great!) and I didn’t want any red - don’t really know why


I’m doing the Marlogram Cowl in Dahlia and Woodsman!


I’m so glad the KAL is here! I’ve already finished two projects from FG19, the Striped Marl Hat and the Marlogram Scarf. My Spectra Sweater is in progress, and I’ll be doing the Throw after Christmas!


That is such a cool combination, Jennifer. There’s going to be a Moment Of Pink Collision, which is so fun.