DayTripper Cardigan

I had some Reynold Lite Lopi- rusty brown (color lot 430) . I speifically bought the Field Guide No. 17 to knit with this yard adding the Lettlopi yarn to complete the color work.

The challenge is picking colors with enough contrast with the rusty brown.

I’m making it for my SIL who likes the lapis blue. I’m afraid that dark blue will not have enough contrast. The raverly site has only 9 projects…

Any color suggestions would be appreciated.


Heaven Blue Heather Lopi with your brown will look beautiful!

thank you.

To check contrast, you can try taking a black and white photo of the two yarns next to each other. If in the photo, they blend in to each other, there will not be enough contrast. Fdekra123 is right though, you probably would do better with a lighter color, it depends on how bright your lapis is?

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Somewhat off topic, but noticed this lopapeysa sweater in the Justice League movie tonight.