Banging Out Another Stopover Sweater

I love my Stopover so much, I have to have another one. First one was lapis blue, this one is garnet heather. The Lett-Lopi is so wonderfully wooly and doesn’t pill.

I did have a little glitch when picking my colors, but it all worked out.

This is the end of Day 1; I’m through one ball of red and on to the waist shaping. Blog post here, if you’re interested in my color picking efforts.

Yes, it’s selfish knitting. I’m not much of a gift knitter! One gift done, over and out.

(PS: I thought I’d put this in the Pattern Talk section, but my iPad isn’t giving me that option. Maybe it’s yarn talk, about picking Lopi colors…)


I’ve got yarn for a second Stopover; bought it for the teen, but I think she’s too sensitive to wear Lopi even with a long shirt between her and it. Not sure when i’ll get to it, though, as I have a ChicKnits Iba cardi on the needles and am still knitting Pussyhats till my pink yarn runs out …


I’ll tag along on this thread! I’ve got a Riddari to make for my hubby out of Lett Lopi - that’s on my winter knitting list after the holidays. Lopi-riffic!

ChicKnits! I knit her Edin last year, and it was a great pattern, easy to follow. Bonne Marie is pretty darn wonderful. (And in my knit nite group!)

I’m torn on the Pussy Hats. I hate using that word, but the cause is worthy. No pink knitting for me, yet.

If the teen is too sensitive for Lopi, that means the second Stopover is for YOU.

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I’m definitely having a love affair with Lopi! No pilling, light as a cloud, manageable itch factor. Win.


Thanks. I like your blog and just subscribed. Keep those needles clacking.

Howdy, Stopover fans! Today on the site we’ve got a profile of Mary Jane Mucklestone, the designer of Stopover. It includes a video she made of SO MANY lopapeysas in the wild in Iceland. Makes me want to cast on another one NOW.


Awww, thank you!

Done with the body to the armholes; next up: sleeve! I found that the wrist was bigger around than I liked, even after downsizing 4 sts. So I may downsize 8. Has to be a multiple of 4!

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Progress! At the three tube situation.


Auditioning color pops for my Stopover yoke. Opinions welcome!


The green is lovely, but puts me in the holiday spirit (which probably isn’t so bad, if you’re wearing this sweater constantly in December). But now, as the days get longer, those little pinks and purples are making me think of spring. Yay, spring! I vote for purple.


I was hoping for just a little holiday, but the green doesn’t sing loudly enough to make it holiday enough! So I’ll probably use pink or purple. Such a quick fun sweater!


Wearing my first one tonight for outdoor NYE event. Will knit another.


Beautiful; I like your colors! Did you repeat a color for the center pop, or is that a different color?

Happy new year!

I added a color for the pop. Thx.

Beautiful, I love it.

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I’m a little late to reply, but love the image with all the colors. They look like a candy necklace.

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I picked one color, but now I want a dark gray Stopover with a rainbow of color pops in the yoke! Would it be crazy to have three Stopovers? I really like the fit of this; it’s perfect.

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I’m still on my 1st Stopover. Not enjoying the 2nd row of the color pattern. I feel like I have 3 hands with more thumbs than I need. I’ll get back to it shortly.

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Row 2 is the only row that requires knitting with 3 colors at the same time. That’s not too bad! One short row. If you set the third color to the left of you, you can just pick it up when you need it, which isn’t very often. It will come up under the other two strands.

I know row 5 has 3 colors, too, but I only knit with 2, and added the color accent later so I didn’t have to decide on the color until everything else was done. Glad I waited, becausee I changed my mind!

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