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Daytripper KAL update

I know that the KAL is over and we did finish our sweaters at that time. But I thought I would post a picture of my bestie and me in our daytripper “twin” cardies! If you look close you can see we used the same yarn just in different places. We had enough of the CC colors for me to make another one for a Christmas gift for my sister, and her for her granddaughter! Haha we joke that the yarn is like the loaves and fishes it just keeps giving us sweaters! Good thing this was a fun, easy and quick knit!


I love this! What a great idea.

Really beautiful :sparkling_heart:

They are both lovely.

That’s some beautiful knitting!

I wish I could get up the nerve to plunge into this.

We’re here for you.

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Oh, I know. The support here is awesome!

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What a gorgeous picture! I love your sweaters. Bravo!

Do it! You will love this pattern! Then you will love the sweater!