Dimensions of Blanket of Joy

I was wondering what the dimensions of the Blanket of Joy are.

Please advise.

Carol Ann

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Hi Carol Ann!
I love this blanket and know I sighed when I saw it posted! :heart:
The finished measurements are 45” x 62” (111cm x 157cm)
Please post progress shots if you dive in!


Is anyone making the Blanket of Joy? I am really loving working with the Atlas yarn.It is so soft and the stitches look so nice and even. I thought I would get tired of so much stockinette but the pattern changes and color changes are keeping it interesting.


I just cast my blanket on, so yes! Someone else is making it!


Yay! I’m glad to have the company! I am just past the halfway point on mine. I’m going to use my leftovers to make the scrap tote from field guide 20. Here is a not very good photo of my progress.


Gosh, that looks very nice! Congratulations on getting so far! I’ve chosen a completely different color scheme for mine, which should be interesting!

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Cool! Be sure to post progress pictures, I love seeing all the progress and different color combos etc… that is what inspires me the most.

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I have chosen to follow Roy G Biv as my color scheme. Here’s my progress so far! I am really looking forward to the next section, which will be orange and yellow.


Very nice! I have made some more progress on mine. I will try to get a picture when I have some good lighting. I just finished the repeat of the darkest blue color . Our weather has been over 100 degrees the last 2 weeks , which has really made it hard to work on even in the air conditioning! I will be so cozy next winter!