Expenses Over Coffee!

Love settling in with coffee and Snippetts on Saturday morning! But it comes at a price as I cannot resist book reviews, yarns etc and this silly new fancy phone makes it ridiculously simple to have those items on their way to me!!!


I’m considering starting a MDK Go Fund Me page.


I keep telling myself that the finished projects will be holiday gifts…


Perhaps you might turn the phone off for a “cooling down” period, many deep breaths and then rethink the whole thing!!

It’s an everyday problem here, MDK inspiration is wonderful but I’m an exceptionally slow knitter on a tight budget: we need an electrician, the (only) bathroom to be replumbed, several appliances to be repaired/replaced, and I’d like new bras to replace the I-don’t-know-how-old-these-are-but-I-think-that-used-to-be-elastic ones. Yeesh.

But it’s a pretty wonderful problem, wanting to make things. I’ve been practicing techniques with yarn I already own, and plugging away on old projects. I love the range of prices available in the projects and yarn here. I just told my husband I want yarn, and I showed him the patterns I want to make. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and he’s a good shopper.