Favorite Sock Yarn

soo many choices …appreciate if anyone would share their favs…working on 52 weeks of socks…fabulous book…

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I’ve knit with all the sock yarns MDK currently offers and enjoy them all. Barnyard Knits’ sock and Pada sock are my favorite of them, largely for the absolutely beautiful colors. Barnyard sock feels softer while Pada is more rustic, but they both knit up beautifully.

Outside of MDK’s offerings, my favorite sock yarns are:

  • A Whimsical Wood Pixie Toes sock
  • Black Trillium Lilt or Pebble socks
  • Fully Spun sock
  • Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock

I tend to prefer the hand-dyed, special yarns for my socks, because it takes me a while to knit them and I like to enjoy the process as much as the end result.


Thank you for for your detailed recommendations…I just purchased some beautiful Barnyard yarn…looking forward to working with it…so many choices!!!


I hope you enjoy the Barnyard Knits! What color(s) did you end up getting?

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I purchased Lighthouse Point and Dunegrass…loved the names…spend summers in Maine so i could not resist!!!..but also did love the colors…what love most about their yarns is the colors do not look muddy…so many do of the hand dyed ones do…

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I’m super in love with both Pada Sock and Retrosaria Mondim. Both have beautiful colors, and the socks that emerge are excellent - for me, the right amount of stretch/memory. I am an intermittent sock knitter, and both of these yarns have the magical power of drawing me back to finish sock projects that I’ve left sitting for awhile.

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Hands down favorite, Gauge Dyeworks. Always.

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Thank you all for your recommendations…Love surfing the lounge111

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Pretty much all the sock yarn I have knit with have been a joy. Biscotte Yarns, Must Stash Yarn, and surprisingly Knit Picks stroll. Right now I have a real treat…I’m knitting a pair with Viola and the Moon. Love it! I splurged and bought a few more in her last update.