Isabell Kraemer’s Wrap: A Girl’s Best Friend

Has anyone needed TWO skeins for each color of the Backyard Fiberworks Sock yarn rather than one? I’m almost finished with the main color panel and still have a couple of small panels in the main color towards the bottom of the wrap. That ball of yarn is looking a little scanty . . .

Just saw your question—sorry for my slow reply. I got to the end of my Girl’s Best Friend with one skein of each color. Here’s a post with a photo of what the yarn amounts looked like while in progress, to compare with your own wrap. Scroll down here:

Your gauge may affect how much yarn you use. Hope it works out for you!

Not a problem! I don’t know how you and Kay find time to do anything but knit! This is very helpful. I refer to your posts on the IK wrap all the time, but didn’t catch the photo showing the 3 yarns in context with the amount used. I think I’m good!

Thanks so much for your reply.

So glad to hear it! I loved making this wrap so much—hope you’re having fun with it.

So far I’m loving it except I now count stitches instead of sheep when I go to bed.