No-nylon Sock Yarn

I’m experimenting with sock yarn with no nylon in it and wondering if anyone has used Felted Tweed for socks? I do love the colors!



I strongly suggest that you use yarn with some nylon in it for at least the heels, and maybe the toes, too. 100% wool just does not stand up to the extra wear those areas get, and it’s heartbreaking to have holes develop when you’ve barely worn the socks you worked so hard on knitting.

And having some nylon throughout the sock eliminates the dreaded felting problem that comes with 100% wool.

The viscose in the Felted Tweed will help the socks’ sturdiness, but that fiber shrinks and felts just as easily as the wool and alpaca it is blended with.


Hi Vie,

Thank you for the welcome and for your comments. I probably should’ve mentioned that I’ve been knitting socks for longer than I care to say! and am familiar with the reasons for nylon in sock yarns.

However, I have in recently years been interested in experimenting non nylon sock yarn. For example, last year I experimented with cotton socks, and found success with patterns that had stretchy stitches to counter the lack of stretch in cotton. Also found myself happy with cotton bamboo blends. Happy with the comfort, wear, and longevity of the socks, especially since they are washing machine friendly! I also made some in BFL, which I found somewhat uncomfortable to work with and also to wear, but which I suspect will last forever…

Now I’m starting to look at silk wool blends for socks. I recently purchased some of the Pada, and I’m loving knitting with it (not yet finished).

Anyway, my question here is specifically about the Felted Tweed, and if anyone has tried it with socks. I hear your comment about felting, but I don’t mind hand washing. Maybe I should just buy some and see

Sorry for being long winded. I’m very much enjoying going out or the usual box for sock construction and materials, and have a tendency to get carried away!


If you do decide to try Felted Tweed for socks, please let us know how it goes!! I love Felted Tweed but my wallet can’t commit to a bigger project using it right now. But socks… in some fun Kaffe patterns and those lovely colors?? Oh I’d love to make a pair of those :heart_eyes:


Hi all, I’m new to knitting and new to this community. I’m not sure if this is the right place for this post but here goes. I’m new to knitting socks and selected (purchased) two yarns that fall into the may or may not work. The must have nylon in your sock heels and toes for wear ability has been stressed by my sock teacher. The main yarn is Juniper Moon Farm, Findley Dappled a 50% merino wool & 50% silk mix. The yarn for the heels and toes is Jody Long, My Little Sunshine a 60% organic cotton and 40% acrylic. Here is my question can I mix these two types of yarn in a sock? Maybe I should keep looking… LOL The color match is perfect but somewhere in my knowledge base is a warning not to mix cotton and wool. Advice? Thoughts? Experience. Thanks for your help and if I’m in the wrong spot let me know. :wolf:


I just recently made felted tweed sock/ slippers and “ may” add a soft leather soul ( due to the nylon issue) but at the moment am thoroughly enjoying them! I posted them on my instagram @robinaknits Happy knitting! I’m just starting to add socks ( finally!) to my ling history of knitterly obsession. Loving it!


I don’t know that I would try it for socks. I made a pair of socks years ago with a similar blend and they actually felted on my boyfriends feet inside his boots when he wore them. But hey, give it a try! You never know what might happen.