final step knitted envelope back i cushion: HELP!

All my pieces are completed, and I’ve read the final paragraph in FG #16 pg 18 many times…but, do you just sew it together on your sewing machine? what stitch length? do feed dogs snag? Obviously I have no experience with sewing knitted pieces, am having a senior moment, or a severe “brain fart”! I can’t even come up with the right phrasing for a google search…thank you

Definitely hand sewn. I have a feeling machine stitching would be similar to creating a perforated line and you don’t want that! A Google search should turn up some videos, but basically you’ll be doing a whipstitch matching stitches or rows, depending on where you are on your pieces.

Hope this helps!


When I seamed the cushions, I used a mattress stitch, worked from the Right Side. This way it was clear that my stitches followed the correct column. I basted the fold-over section first and used clips to hold the corners, checking often to be sure that the edges remained even.

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Thank you! That makes perfect sense to me now. :blush:

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Yay! I hope that we’ll get to see finished photos soon!