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Giftalong 2019: TEAM BIG

Hey friends, this is where members of Team Big can share questions, answers, hopes and dreams, screams and whispers, and also photos of the gifts they are making from patterns in MDK Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy.

Your team leader is the one, the only, the darling of Des Moines, the featured designer of Field Guide No. 12, JEN GEIGLEY.

Have fun knitting these speed-demon projects for everyone on your list. Need the Field Guide, some Rowan Big Wool, or other supplies? The pop-up shop for Field Guide No. 12 is right here.

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I’m making the Main Squeeze Cardigan in a charcoal gray (Cascade 220 held double), and my teenage daughter said she really wants it, so of course I can’t say no lol. I’m thinking of making one for myself in Plucky Knitter’s Grumpy Old Sailor because I can’t get that color out of my mind after seeing it during their Fall Into Plucky party a couple weeks ago.


I made the main squeeze for myself in Neighborhood Fiber studio chunky “Ziggy Stardust” and loved every minute of it! My cousin asked for the stripy scrappy hat and I couldn’t believe how I could knock it out in a long afternoon. She’s thrilled and I’m eying my scrap bag for inspiration to make tiny ones for the grand nieces and nephews. Jen, I’m a convert to fat yarn.


Would love to see the Main Squeeze in NFC’s Ziggy Stardust!


The yellow bits are my favorite. Well cone!

YES to mother-daughter Main Squeezes! It’s the perfect winter cozy hanging-out sweater.


Welcome to the dark side … I mean, the super bulky side. LOVE how your scrappy turned out. Such a fun combo of colors.


Hey everyone! My name is Jen Geigley and I’m excited and honored to lead #MDKTeamBig. I’ve been a huge fan of the super bulky life for a loooooong time and I love knitting up cozy gifts. I can’t wait to see what you are working on. I’m just about ready to cast on a Main Squeeze Cardigan with all the navy (Smoky) Rowan Big Wool you see in this pic. Anyway, hi and welcome to Team BIG!


Funny thing that - Original Ziggy is the blue of the sleeves and the now Ziggy is the more purple stuff. Very 1980s two-tone.


Wow!!! Cool looking :wink:

I’m working on the Brambleberry cowl. I am enjoying the new stitch varieties. It’s coming along quickly , too!


Here’s a progress photo of my Brambleberry


Oooo, beautiful yarn​:sparkling_heart::blue_heart::heart_eyes:

I knit this for my daughter for Christmas when my FG No 12 came. It is a fast knit!!


Speedy! You have time to knit more gifts!


I got my first Brambleberry Cowl on the needles during my lunch hour. This is the first year that I am trying to knit something for (almost) everyone. Team Big is the only way to get it done!

Rowan Big Wool in Vert.


I have done two “small” versions of the Brambleberry cowl for my BFF’s birthday. She gave me her favorite hat and asked me to make her a scarf or something to match. She LOVED them both.

I have all the Rowan Big to make the sweater. Kay inspired me. Gonna gift it to the most deserving person: ME!!


Oooh, I love this color - off to a good start!

LOVE this smaller size. You are such a sweet friend!

Yes! I’m glad you know where to direct this gift! You’ll love it.


First finished project of Christmas on TEAM BIG. This one is for my daughter who lives in Wisconsin. It gets pretty cold up there!!