Is Atlas a Sturdy Yarn?

I am looking forward to my Atlas color card and sample. While I wait I though I’d ask a burning question.

Are there any folks here who already have experience with Atlas? I know it is supposed to be soft, I am wondering how sturdy it is. I am accustomed to soft and sturdy being mutually exclusive in many instances. Is that true for Atlas?

I’ve been wanting to knit the Tower of Strength Skirt and think Atlas could be suitable. I would like it to wear well too.

Hmmm. It seemed to me at first that this would be a hard question to answer considering that Atlas is only four days old but then it occurred to me that we know a lot about Rambouillet. Today’s post was so interesting that it sent me down a bit of rabbit hole where I learned a few things.

  1. Historically, if something involves a competition between France and Spain, neither are going to send their second string into the fight. They bring the best they have.

  2. It’s been a workhorse of a fiber in the US since it was gifted to the newly formed union by France just after the revolution. (Note to Lin Manuel-Miranda, what’s up man? No knitting love from Hamilton?) It has passed the test of time.

  3. There’s a lot of historic fiber pieces from way back in the early days of wool and revolution in France that are museum pieces so it does have some longevity. I’m pretty sure that Madame Defarge was knitting Rambouillet. #bangoutthebastille

  4. MDK has never steered me wrong.

All that said, I bought a bunch of different colors but I got an extra of one of them to play with. There will be a lot of swatches and a lot of washing and blocking and little bits and bobs of things I want to try out on four inch squares. It arrives on Wednesday and it’s going to rain like mad here on Friday so there’s a good chance I’ll take a swatch down to the parking lot and run it over with my car just to see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

I am so curious to play with this yarn. I have a good feeling about it.


Karen I am ruffle meowing! (ROFLMAO) I had not thought about the French/Spanish rivalry. I do imagine the Spanish king regretted the sale of that first flock, seeing as how the French made such a big deal out of Rambouillet.

But in all seriousness, we’ve been knitting with it quite a bit as you can imagine, washing and stretching swatches, making samples, etc. Atlas was designed to be sturdy and it seems to be so. We have high hopes for its durability despite its softness. A post from Jillian is coming soon with lots more info about Atlas. And we are looking forward to getting feedback from knitters out there in the real world. Erika’s praise for it had us floating for a full week.


Wow. You are a goldmine! I had not thought that I’d knit with Rambouillet, but I just learned that Peace Fleece has Rambouillet, so maybe I have. I’m pretty excited about Atlas too.

Gotta love #bangoutthebastille!


Ooohhhh - I look forward to the Jillian post!


I’ve knit a lot with Peace Fleece, which as you say is mostly Rambouillet. I’ve done a sweater and a blanket, and neither of them have shown any signs of pilling or wear (and the sweater has had lots of use). I think Rambouillet is a real workhorse (worksheep?).


Worksheep! Gonna keep that one. It’s so clever, right on the mark. Why do horses get all the credit?

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They exist!



I did some sampling with Atlas, and I must say I beat it up pretty good, if I do say so myself. It didn’t occur to me to run it over with my car, but still. Maybe next time!


It’s here!!! It’s delicious. Without even swatching I am confident that this yarn that will have your back in any situation - a real best friend yarn.

It’s delightfully squeezy with a whisper of crispness. It took a few squeezes to figure out what that special something was. Kind of like a couch that has great cushions that you sink into and can snuggle up but you won’t have to embarrass yourself trying to get up from it gracefully.

I had a perfectly lovely evening and am heading to bed. Will fire up the swift in the morning.


I have read a lot but can’t find the answer to my question. Is Atlas worsted weight? What weight is it?

It’s Light Worsted.

Oooh! So soft!!! I got my sample with my Field Guide today and had to open it—and fondle it—before I went grocery shopping. I have 2 1/2 sweaters to finish before I can start another one, but that will give me time to decide which color …

Atlas: With the 3 skeins from the Skill Set box, I swatched on size 6 and 8 needles. After washing it is very soft but sturdy and I wouldn’t mind it against my skin. I found the size 6 fabric to be very dense (good for a hat or skirt perhaps) and the size 8 to be more to my liking for the cowl I am making. My gauge with sz 8 is 17st = 4” washed.


I ordered the blanket of joy kit, it arrived today and the field guide too! Perfect timing. The color card is spot on for the actual colors I had fun taking pictures of the colors this afternoon! The yarn is just equisite , so squishy and soft. I can’t wait for a day off work so I can play!


Baby swatch, and sold! Put an order in, so many great colors. Can’t wait to try it…


I knit my second Sea Spray hat it’s Atlas Mallard from my Skill Set box. Size 7 needles. I agree it has very nice stitch definition and is soft and not itchy. It was cold and I was leaving in 3 days so I did not block, wanting to wear it every day. It was a bit tighter fit than I wanted, I made the small size, but I put my fists inside and stretched a bit and it is perfect. I’m new to knitting terminology but I would say it has good spring. The mallard is a great color. I’m thinking about a sweater.



You mentioned that you bought a bunch of colors…any chance tutu (pink) or pebble (light gray?) – are among them?

DD2 wants the knight hood to go with her (Canadian flag) red winter coat. Her first choice is tutu if it is more of a ‘blue’ pink. I can’t tell from the photo since the green sample is so much brighter than the in the photo.

As to the pebble – is it a cool gray?

I really appreciate it if you, or anyone else, responds to this query. Thanks.

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I have the tutu but not the pebble. It’s a pretty pure pink. If she’s looking for a pink that says “I’m a lovely delicate tulip that is just about past my prime” I don’t think that will be a match. That said, it’s a great color. It’s clear without being crazy bright. I happen to like red and pink together and I would wear it.

I grabbed a red sweater that is a clear, blue red and I would consider it a flag color (or a great lipstick color) and laid my colors on top of it. I also have Navy but we all know what that looks like. It’s always a bit of a crap shoot looking at colors on the screen. Hope this helps.



Thanks @kjt1211 for that picture. I thought the Tutu was much paler; too pale for me, but I was wrong. Against your red background it is a color I would use. Almost makes me wish I hadn’t ordered Lapis. Almost.

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