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It's the MDK Lopi Knitalong!

This is the last Lopi sweater I knit. Looking forward to casting on the daytripper with the Lettlopi - and to the KAL


I hadn’t thought of using a bigger needle for the color work. Thanks for the tip!


thanks I’ll look it up

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I have 14 on size 10 and am going to use 10.5. If you leave it at a gauge of 15, then your gauge is 3.75 per inch and you can either try getting it closer with a larger needle or adjust your size and cast possibly the next size up so it doesn’t end up too small. Also, the stranded knitting tends to pull in more, so you could end up with too small of a sweater.


Thank you. I think I will take out what I have done and try again in a larger needle. I really want to find the correct gauge so that when I make the sweater I do not have to try to figure out changes. I will be my first sweater. I made a cardigan in the wrong yarn with super long arms so I really want one I can wear.


My Trip’s colors
Screenshot_20210320-133008 Screenshot_20210320-133008~2


One Destination Pullover as a Thank-you for my training partner.


You got this! Keep trying :grinning:

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Daytripper here. Using Plutolopi from my stash (held double) for the body in dark grey. Away we go …! Some color adjustments made on the fly. Loving how the Léttlopi colors “blend” and get more subtle when worked with each other.


Another watch cap


I suggest making a swatch in the round and blocking it to check your gauge. Or else try this before you take out what you have. Lay it out flat as possible, still on the needles, and steam block it. You can put a damp cloth on top and just HOVER your iron over it. Then make sure it is cool and dry before handling it, to avoid felting your work.
I hope you end up with a nice fit this time. Just keep checking as you go along, and remember it’s ok to alter a pattern to fit your unique body.



Hello. Just starting my swatch, and I got 4 st to the inch on 6mm. I am doing the 3xl and not sure if it should go up a size in needle. I like the fabric. Would going up to the 4xl be better?


Jaunty beanie #1 done!


I also got that gauge on 6mm needles. I went up a size to US 10 1/2s and now my gauge is closer but not quite down to 13 sts/4”. I’m going with it because the fabric is so loose and stretchy and it will be fine over my hips even though it is about 1 1/2” smaller. I could have gone up a size as well without needing more yarn. Some people have gone up to size 11 I noticed.


Thank you. I am going to check on 7mm. I will see what kind of fabric I get with that.

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Thank you for all the input on gauge trail and error. I am going thru the same. Up and up in needle size. Nice to know I’m not alone. Seldom find so many determined swatcher in the same place. It’s the way to get it right! I may end up with a Destination scarf that is wider at one end than the other!
Speaking of the scarf, the directions say to stop at 4 yards and do the transition motif. Any motif? They are 5-9 rounds. Is 4 yards enough for 9 rounds?

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Wow this is a quick knit! I had to go up a needle size to US 10.5 to get gauge for those of you still swatching.

I’m at the sleeve divide and have 2 questions -
Is one of the DS closures on the left sleeve and will be closed when I start to work the sleeve?
For casting on for the under arm - can I use a crochet cast on instead of the backwards loop?

The DS should be closed on the next round that is worked over the stitches, and
I cannot see why you can’t use a crocheted cast on at the underarm. You will be picking up stitches across whatever cast on you choose, so keep that in mind (not too tight)

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Hi all,

I’m new to the Lounge, and in for the Daytripper!! Finally decided how to use my colors, and cast on last night. Worked as far as the 2nd increase in the colorwork.


I’m excited to be joining the KAL and will be knitting Daytripper!! These are my colors and my chart. I need to re-knit my swatch because I, too, am getting 14 sts per 4" rather than 13. I love seeing what everyone is knitting!