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Light Up The Night Fairy Lights

For Christmas I received a Blink Blink scarf kit. Designed for 8+ year olds to get girls interested in techSTEM stuff. I used my own scarf pattern and not the kit finger weave pattern. I then learned how to attach fairy lights and conductive thread to a battery so it could be turned on and off. I’m just started to play with this and don’t think I’ll ever reach the Gypsy wedding scale, but maybe a nice Burning Man outfit for an evening on the Playa (if I ever go)


How cool! Now I’m intrigued. Just what I need, another weird path to follow for no particular reason.

You could potentially where the scarf (ahem) on it’s own to Burning Man!


I like this idea! I teach first grade and am always looking for something ‘neat’ to get my students’ attention!