Lil baby pants (blu)

Reference pattern from 3/25 snippets. Preface to say I’m not a very experience knitter. And this is my first post in the lounge, which is a great resource.

Anyway, I’m 3/4 through with the first leg of Lil Baby Pants (so adorable). My problem is that the reverse stockinette ‘cuff’ is curling under. Is there a fix for the that?

Thanks for any suggestions.


It’s been many years since I knit a pair! Have you finished the cuff? Stockinette (and reverse stockinette) will always curl, but when you complete the full depth of the cuff and bind off, blocking should result in cuffs that stand out (to look like cuffs) because of that reverse curling. Let me know what happens!


You’re right, I hadn’t thought about the curl actually helping to create the look of a cuff.
Thanks so much for your response.