Little Women movie

Just saw the new movie Little Women . It is a must see for so many reasons. One thing I noticed in the movie was all the beautiful knitted shawls the women wore ( the mid 1880’s). I’m waiting for on wie of the fabulous knitting designers to put out a Little Women Shawl pattern now. Go to see this movie and you will not be disappointed. If you have a daughter take her with you. I read the book to my 3 daughters when they were 11,9,6 and they still remember it (they are all over 40 now) and they still love it. It is a timeless story.
Looking forward to seeing which designer comes out with the first Little Women Shawl now.


Loved the movie…many scenes of the movie were filmed in Massachusetts…rumor has it that “another yarn” store in Burlington MA knitted some of the shawls…may be worth a call to the store for info…