Moody Cast On, Follow the Yellow Brick Road...?

Hello, I’ve just cast on for the Mood - I love provisional crochet cast ons!
However, are we really to start the lace pattern right off the bat on the cast on edge?
Will it actually unzip when you have k2togs right on the chain?
Not only that, yo’s on either side of them??
And also, double stranded stitches to boot???
“Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!”
Seems fishy to me.
Might it not be wiser to knit and purl a row before starting the lace pattern?
I’ve never unzipped a provisional crochet caston with a lace pattern, so perhaps it’s no big deal
I don’t seem to see anyone else sounding the alarm here, so perhaps I’mj just being over sensitive :wink:

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Hi! I posted an answer to this question in the Mood Cardigan Knitalong thread (which you might want to check out). Jeanette answered this question in the comments of the Mood Cardigan Pattern page on Ravelry. Yes, you do start right in on the lace chart from the provisional cast on. When it comes time to use the live stitches again its a combination of unzipping and unpicking. I suggest you look at Jeanette’s full answer there. She also said she would post a video of the technique on her website. You’re not overly sensitive-several folks have had the same question :))

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Thanks so much. I’m glad I’m not the only person whining about this.
I had looked on Ravelry and didn’t find any notes about this on the pattern or anyone else;s projects.
Which “page” did you find it on?

It’s on the pattern page in the comments. Jeannette’s answer is comment 13 or 14.

Although I have used crocheted provisional cast-on’s and find them really easy to be able to pick up my stitches from when the time comes, I have never, ever, been successful at unzipping them the way they make it sound so easy to do. It’s more a careful unpicking and cutting them off. But I’ll continue to use them because I really do like how they hold the stitches and make it easy to pick up the stitches.

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I have a question regarding the swatch and then measuring the pieces as you work. Before I block my swatch, my pattern is pulling inward upon itself like lace does. When I soak and block it, I am assuming it will stretch out. SO, what the best way to gauge/guess what the finished blocked piece will measure from the unblocked work on the needle? Just sorta stretch it out as best I can while it’s on the needles?