Natural Dye Yarns

Hello knitters, Im almost ready to launch my first kit of hand dyed yarn but I will use natural products from the Italian Mountans, like viola campeggio and cocciniglia, Im working on this project since last year but due to hundreds of things that goes around me, I couldn´t finish until now, also I knitted a shawl that will go with the kit, I would like only show you some pictures for you to give me your opinions, I don´t have pictures of the shawl yet but you can see on the pictures a little swatch that I made to start the project, so Im open to read your comments and questions too! Thank you so much!


Lovely colors! Can you tell us more about the yarn??

Yes! is 100% italian merino fingering weight, I used viola campeggio wich is a root and cocciniglia that gives the unique pink color, depend on the percentage to get dark or light shades, I can tell you that the shawl is gorgeous and as soon I have the pictures I will post here, right now Im finishing a collaboration with malabrigo for a crochet tunic and I should finish this week, so I think by later next week I can have some pictures of the shawl to show you and this way you can see exactly how this yarn works on a knitting item, is just beautiful! please stay tuned, Im so happy I found this forum to talk with knitters and crocheters from arouns the world, also everybody is welcome to contact me on my ravelry / Liliacraftparty, just a quick note about the yarn and shawl, I will put for sale some kits but very very small qty, just a few, and depends on the request that I decided if make more in the near future. Thank you and we keep in touch, here is another picture of the process for viola campeggio colorway and look on the second picture the little swatch for brioche color, the shawl do not include brioche but I think is pretty to show how they work on that.


Absolutely gorgeous!

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Thank you so much, next week I will be posting the pictures of the shawl I made with these yarns, today I made my first yarn labels, so excited!!!


Breathtaking colors!


Thank you so much, wait to see the shawl I knitted with these yarns, I will post pictures very soon! stay tuned and thank you again