Need Help w/Short Row Heels

Here’s links to Cat Borhdi Sweet Tomato Heel video. U can buy her e-book, but I was able to do the heel by taking notes whilest watching the video.
Also: Drea Renee Knits uses the Fleegle Heel, which she says leaves no holes. Here is an explanation of that method:

With Sweet Tomato Heel, you can do slipped stitch heel for more cushioning and it’s on her video under Padded Sweet Tomato Heel.
If the link works, here’s how that heel looks with contrast color.


Thank you, Kerrie! That’s a great tip. I have always wondered how well the heels wear in handmade socks. I think I may try this out on sock #2.

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Ok. Now I’m at Row 7 of the heel. “Knit to double wrapped stitch”…do I knit it, or just go up to it, “knit wrapped stitch then wrap and turn” this sounds like I’m only double wrapping every other stitch.
How can I be this dumb??

To Bfenne: ur not dumb. It’s totally confusing to me these wrapped and turned stitches. That’s exactly the reason why I sought other heel methods.
I do have some good news, I finished my first sock! It’s really big, but now the whole family wants a pair!!:thinking::disappointed_relieved:Don’t know how I’m going to keep up with the demand at the rate I’m going! I will carry on though, and conquer these mysterious methods.



I finished my first one, too! It’s not pretty in some spots but by golly, it’s a sock! Mine is a little large as well; second one will be snugger. I have some yummy bamboo yarn for another pair…hope they look okay!

Thanks for your note!


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