Pack & Play: A Design-As-You-Go Blanket

Hello friends! I’m tickled pink at the reaction to my plan to turn Lorilee Beltman’s color block intarsia dishcloth into a baby blanket. It will be a while before I can post an update to MDK about this project, so I’m creating this topic to keep au courant, for those who are wild about this idea (or simply curious).

The dishcloth that started it all:

My progress as of July 26, 2023:

Helpful Links

The Pack & Play inaugural post: Summertime: The Pack & Play - Modern Daily Knitting

The little dishcloth that started this adventure: Lorilee Beltman’s Sinkmates Suite dishcloth pattern on Ravelry: Sinkmates Suite pattern by Lorilee Beltman

The yarn I’m using, Rowan Handknit Cotton: Rowan Handknit Cotton - Modern Daily Knitting

I can’t stop, won’t stop knitting on this thing! Whee!


OK, real talk. The comments to this post, particularly the one from Lorilee, have me second-guessing my decision not to work the 2-stitch i-cord edging as the dishcloth prescribes. That i-cord looks really nice when seamed as Lorilee suggests, and it would make an excellent place to tuck the ends from the color changes, without having to weave them in. It’s a tiny tube, but room enough for an end to hide in.

Here’s a photo from Mary Claire, who cleverly seamed together her 4 mini dishcloths from MDK Summer Camp:

Will I rip back and start my Pack & Play blanket over? Probably not. The Sunk Cost Fallacy is my favorite fallacy; it’s even more powerful than my Precious Materials Syndrome! I’ve already got my stitch count down from 180 to 126, so I’m not turning back. I think I can seam it attractively when I get to that step. But if you’re just starting out, consider keeping the incorporated i-cord edges!


I love this idea and since I’m long dishcloths may just do this instead with lots of random cotton!


Really, I’m just a troublemaker :smiley:. I do a too much “what if-ing” in my knitting. Kay, in the end, my suggestion may not leave the required drape in the fabric, so I’m glad you’re continuing full speed ahead!


I’m with you. My tub o’ dishcloths is getting pretty full and even though there are no baby-recipients on the horizon for me, that can always change.


I’m a huge fan of baby blanket knitting, because one NEVER KNOWS! :slight_smile:


Y’allllllll! Somebody else is knitting a Pack & Play on Ravelry, and it’s fantastic. Take a peek at ugrzanna’s stripy joy: Ravelry: ugrzanna's Summertime Pluck and Play Blanket

This has me really excited. Proof of concept!

(I just finished the second block of mine by the way. Look for an update on MDK next week.)


This is,making me very, very happy.


After seeing the other one you linked, I’m thinking to do one inside out to save seaming.


Read the notes on the Pluck N Play Blankie in Ravelry and see she picked up stitches rather than seamed the pieces. Such a good idea! Would make the seams smoother and way easier AND no more knit pieces in a basket for years waiting for me to do the business end of a project (or five).

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