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Printing on Fabric

I printed on fabric with my inkjet printer and made these balsam or lavender filled ornaments/sachets for gifts.

Just use spray adhesive to affix light-weight linen to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper (cut linen to the exact same size as the paper). Print, peel off paper and ta daa.


what a cute idea! I love it and I bet your recipients love their gifts.

If you have no spray glue at home, you can also iron the fabric to freezer paper and cut to size. Then you have no chance of fixative gumming up your needle.

Thanks for your comment. I did try the freezer paper method, but it didn’t work (wrong kind of paper?)…

I was concerned about the spray adhesive gumming up my needle, but it didn’t. My husband has a very big printer for architectural drawings, so I am going to try that next for flags/banners for my daughter’s wedding.


Oh I can’t wait to see that!

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You can iron butcher paper’s slick side to fabric, then cut to paper size and run it through your printer. I do that to make garment labels for handmade items. Iron the label well to set the ink.

Thank you. Great idea for labels; I can’t believe I never thought of that. I usually embroider or write them. But most of the time I don’t put a label on at all. I saw a label that said, “This took forever” and I thought I might add that to some things–funny, but true.

I have embroidered before too. Not my favorite thing to do. This way I can put in small font the washing instuctions briefly also. Enjoy!

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