Row repeats in corrugated shawl

I’m a newbie, so please be kind. :wink:

Pattern: Corrugated Shawl (MDK Field Guide #5, p. 14)

Directions, section 1:
[k2, p2] … sequence method: 1-row … row repeat: 2 … result: Broken Garter

Directions, section 2:
[k2, p2] … sequence method: serpentine … row repeat: 2 … result: 2x2 rib

My question:
Since serpentine wraps from one row to the next (similar to text wrap in a typed document), how does “row repeat” work? Does this mean the pattern will magically appear to repeat every second row (and that I’m supposed to keep wrapping for the full 36 rows of that section), -or- that I’m supposed to stop doing something after hitting the end of every second row?

I feel like such a bonehead.


This is a very good question.
The count is a multiple of 4 plus 2 - so when you follow the non-serpentine (section 1) you will start and end with knit 2 for both (all) rows.
When you follow the serpentine (section 2), you will end with knit 2 and then continue the 4 stitch repeat, beginning the next row with purl 2.

I do hope that this makes sense : )


Thanks for the assistance, @nellknits. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

The starting and ending points, I understand; what perplexed me was the “row repeat” factored in, but further reading clarified the meaning. A row repeat of 2 = the full pattern becomes apparent in just two rows, whereas as row repeat of 14 requires fourteen rows before the pattern is complete.

Was easier to sort out when looking at other non-sequential patterns. Viewing it in the context of serpentine stitches threw that out of focus for me.

Again, thanks for reaching out to help!

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Thanks for asking and answering this question - I had it too!


Yes - this question! Thank you. And thanks @nellknits for the help :+1:

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