Question on Pressed Flowers Shawl

I’m working on the Pressed Flowers Shawl, and after row 56, I am to repeat the chart four more times. does that mean I am increasing 4 each row now, (beginning and end of row 25, times two, then row 26, etc.). I’m confused and don’t want to mess up what I already have. Also, if I do all increases, it doesn’t appear the pattern will line up with alternate colors. I don’t want to disclose too much( about the pattern, as it is paid for). Thanks for any help!

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I have the pattern, and the project is in progress…
You’ll continue to increase 4 stitches every right side row as established. As far as I know, the pattern lines up (I have helped several knitters with this project)
Happy knitting.


Thank you, I think I have it now. I appreciate your response!