{sigh} Just Having a Moan . . .

I had a bit of luck and found Sequence Knitting at a used bookstore in Texas. Great price (under $40) but while the shipping was $2 to anywhere in the USA, it was $75 (!!) to ship to the UK. Eek! Luckily we will be in the USA for a wedding at the end of August and it is driving me CRAZY that it has been delivered to my brother’s house, he teased me with a photo of it, and I cannot get my hands on it for weeks.

I am super taken with Andrus

and I am feeling frustrated I can’t get my hands on it for AGES.

My Little Tents socks are done and they are very … fraternal, people have said.

I saw a pattern here I like a LOT, and the person (kimacnz I think) told me the pattern name. Once I knew it was a diagonal spiral rib I just did that, no pattern needed. Learned the Channel Island cast on which gave me a lovely nubbly edge (stupidly just out of frame on the photo) and am now ready to do my FLK heel. Do I have any yarn in my stash that will work for a contrasting heel? DOH! not a scrap.

So basically I have been thwarted at every turn today. Fed up. Might have to crochet for a bit…


It is a beautiful sock. Maybe use one of the colors for the heel? Time for a cup of tea!


Putting projects in “time out” is a valid response to days like this.


Thanks. I have now decided to keep the sock stitch count at 72 as that means each pattern repeat completes at the end of each needle. That way I can do them 2 at a time. I also switched to at 2.75 needle for the diagonal spiral ribbing. That should loosen it up slightly (just enough) for me.

Then I found enough of a hint, between a handful of blog posts, to figure out the Andrus pattern details. I knitted a swatch and it seems to be coming out ok.

And I guess I can learn to love my fraternal socks.

So basically a day of mostly wins, to balance out my day of epic fails.