Starting a mosaic pattern

I want to make a mosaic shawl (Cleona Shawl, from Ravelry), but I don’t know how to introduce the yarn for the mosaic pattern after the solid band, which is a different color. Pattern just says to work 6 repeats of the mosaic pattern… I’d be grateful for some guidance! Thanks.

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Since mosaic is not reversible, it would seem that you should just start your new color at the beginning of the row, holding on to the tail (if you can) for tension. After you have a few rows done, this new color’s tail could be woven in on the wrong side. There are videos on YouTube which might be helpful to you.


Thanks. I will try your advice!


I’ve done quite a bit of mosaic knitting (badly taken picture attached). I recommend starting at beginning of row as well. Because the stitch pattern is a little looser than a normal knit stitch, I would lay the new yarn over the needle, hold on to the shorter end, and pull through to add in. I would then take the short end and tie a lose knot over the existing yarn(just to keep it in place until you weave in the ends), slide the knot up to the needle and you should be good to go. As I weave into ends I usually try to split the stitches with the tapestry needle holding the end, makes it somewhat more secure and go in several directions. Enjoy!