Stitches West, 2018

Hey, is anyone going to Stitches West in Santa Clara Feb. 23-25? I’m making my vendor debut there (squee!).

Has anyone been before? What is it like?


Hi Alice, I always wanted to, haven’t been to a Stitches event, and can’t make it to Santa Clara, but…I am planning and looking forward to Stitches SoCal in Pasadena in November! Will you be going too?

Have a great time, and report back please!

Thanks Annie!
I plan to be a vendor at Stitches SoCal in Pasadena, hope to see you there! I’ll report back on the scene in Santa Clara.

I go most years, but as a student/participant, not a vendor. The Market can be overwhelming because it is so huge. Most vendors sell yarn or knitting supplies, but there are always a few selling unrelated products. Saturday is the busiest (the aisles are packed). Be sure you are ready to open at 5 pm on Thursday for the registered participants (like me!) because they are some of the most avid yarn buyers.

What is your company name? I’ll be sure to say hello.


Hi Jamie,
Oh, fantastic, I’ll look for you! :smiley: My company name is Chez Alice. I’m in booth 1437, sharing it with Noti Yarn.

I will absolutely be there with bells on, ready at 5pm on Thursday for you.

Can’t wait!

I will look for you and be sure to drop by.

Good luck! I hope it is a successful show for you.