Swoncho, or not?

Yes, it’s Christmas! Unfortunately, I have covid so I’m home alone today! But knitting, in any way, shape or form, is always a comfort so here I am on MDK. I am trying to decide if the Swoncho is a good pattern for me or not. I like the idea of a loose, comfy pullover. I already have the field guide that includes the pattern and I’m sure I have some yarn in my stash!

But…I am not sure what the appeal of this type of garment is? It seems to me that it would be awkward to have the sleeve openings so low on your sides. It seems that as you move your arms to reach out or reach up, that the whole thing gets pulled.

Who’s made one and what are your thoughts, please?

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I have not made this one, but have made a different swoncho. I think they look a bit nicer than a poncho–I wear mine over slacks or a skirt at work. They are admittedly not great under a coat due to the partial sleeves, but I find them useful as a layer in a cool office or in transition seasons–

You could also make the sleeves a bit longer to be more “sweater like”.

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Yes, sides of garment will lift when you raise arms or reach across body. Inherent in that shoulder/sleeve design.

The most comfortable oversized fit is a slightly drop-shoulder, off the end if your shiulder by 1”, coupled with a slightly deeper armhole and wider body that mates to that shoulder. It will have a shallow curve to the sleeve cap. In sewn garments, this is tee shirt or sweatshirt fit, so compare your favorite comfy tee to the measurements of the body and across shoulder dimensions of the size swoncho to see how different it would be and if you might like it.

Yes, starting body part of swoncho higher shortens the armhole, but sleeve shape will also need to be widened to compensate.

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Great information, thanks. Looking at the swoncho in a different light now and I think I will add to queue.

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I made the Brooklyn Tweed Bract sweater and it’s my favorite sweater. Highly recommend the silhouette. I don’t think I’d like a swoncho in bulky yarn, but if it’s drapey, it’s great.


I am finishing mine now…am working on the sleeves. It has taken me a long time to finish because I worked on other things in between. Anyway, I am going to enjoy wearing it often…could become my go to sweater for taking a walk outside when it is cool in Southern CA. I recommend making one.

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