Temperature Project Sharing and Caring

Made it to the end of January and snapped my needle at the cable join. The postman will bringing me a replacement this week. Knitting like mad on a different project so I don’t have to think about it. Sending love to the knitters in Upstate New York digging out from under all that snow. Stay warm out there!


Two thirds done with my 40th wedding anniversary temperature blanket!! LOVE how it’s coming along and working on it each early morning is the ticket. So fun!!


So I’ve spent forever lurking in this community and I think it’s time to finally contribute!
I love the idea of temperature projects and have a few unconventional ideas for some I’d like to do in the future (but documenting past years that were significant to me), but for now I have something a little unique to share.

So I’m an environmentalist and a yarn dyer friend of mine shares my beliefs and she came up with a scarf pattern based off the past 100 years of global average temperature, so it’s a visual representation of climate change. She also put together a limited number of kits of cotton yarn that she’s dyed specifically for the pattern (which is free) so of course I bought one of the kits. I’m 33 years into it, so I’m 33% done, each year is 4 rows thick.

I tucked the ends under it to make the photo cleaner XD


I love this idea!


It also functions as craftivism as I can use it as a conversation starter to trick people into listening to me talk about climate change and have a visual representation of how quickly we heated the planet up >=D


When this blanket measured over 5 feet long, I decided to do historical averages for the month of December. I needle felted the steek, and cut this big baby open yesterday. I decided to do steek sandwiches for the borders, so this will take forever to finish,


Hello, my name is February 5 and I am back in business!


Greetings from September 29th…

Help! I’m coming up on the end of September and am just a tiny bit short on a color. Any chance anyone here has some bits of Felted Tweed in color 203 (electric green)? I think I’ll need like 10 grams at most and it feels like a shame to buy another whole ball. Let me know, I’m happy to pay for shipping!

(here is a pic up to August)


I have ~half a ball of Electric Green that I’m happy to send to you!


Wow I was not expecting such a speedy response! Thank you! Email me kyrabornong@gmail.com and we can figure out details.

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Your blanket is beautiful!

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I have some. Where are you? I’m in Yonkers NY. Happy to meet up if you’re in the NY Metro area. Otherwise I can pop some in the mail.