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You all have done beautiful projects! Started a 2023 temp scarf with one row per day for high temp. Doing it in the round. Hope you will stick around!


Thanks! Yours is absolutely gorgeous! I did my first 2 squares yesterday. I think sewing them together will take longer than the squares :joy: Did you have a plan for that? Looks like you did a border around each month and then attached the months together?

I tend to overthink things so now I’m trying to decide what to put in the empty spaces.


I thought I was starting mine the other day then I realized that the color I don’t have is the one that Jimmy Beans doesn’t have. They said it’s a 4-6 week wait. When they sent that e-mail I thought no big deal right? That color was for the mid to high 40s. Darn it all. The Mitten State in my SE corner has been in that range most of the month so I’m stuck unless I rework my chart.

I don’t want to. So, as soon as it arrives I’ll hop right on it. This year I’m making mine smaller and easier.

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When I finished a square I left a tail and I used the tail to sew it to its neighboring square. Or just cut another short piece of yarn. I caught the outside side of the bind off stitches. Honestly, you would be surprised at how forgiving the whole process is. Obviously this is a one-sided blanket. The back is not pretty. I should have photographed it to show you.

I enjoyed seeing the squares together. You will be surprised at how quickly you have a week, and then a month, and then a quarter and eventually a whole year!!

Send me photos!!!


My first two squares :heart:


And I am done! Temperature Blanket 2022


Lovely! Congratulations on accomplishing this - do I see a seed stitch border?


Yes indeed you do, just the side borders. I spit splice the colors and I thought it would mask any imperfections in the process which it did! Yeah! Very fun project but happy to move on.


I changed my mind. My icy-dark-medium-bright palette was not working out for me. It just wasn’t telling the story I want it tell. I started ripping it out but then realized that it was a great time to test my plans for the year. I had cast on 10 extra stitches for a steek and have been knitting my project in the round. At first, I was just dropping my ends and starting a new color but then I realized that I could just as easily tie a magic knot. It has to land inside the steek stitches for my plan to work but so far so good.

All the rows above those loose Mineral ends were joined with a magic knot. It’s a tiny bit wonky but I don’t care. I think it’s positively dreamy.

After a little search for my needle felting tools* I got to felting. I find it funny that the front looks like nothing happened but the back has gone to town! Kind of like a knitting mullet - business in the front, party in the back.

Post felting front. A little bit flatter than normal but looks just fine.

Post felting back. I have no words.

Then I grabbed my little sharp scissors (I call them my ruthless scissors) and got to snipping.

It’s thicker than I thought it would be and I still can’t believe this works. Now I’m going to jam it in my purse and drag it around with me for a while to see how it wears. It’s supposed to be raining and snowing tomorrow so I might take it outside and run it over with the car.

*It’s amazing how long it took me to figure out that my supplies were stashed away in the closet where they belong instead of left in some random place in the house.


Thanks Jan for your photos which have been so inspiring (I’m basically copying your pattern using my colors from last year). It’s fun to start a new square by attaching to what’s there!


Finished the border, added the birthday lines & even added a color progression legend. We finally had a sunny day-so here it is…still need to wash & block but I’m very happy to be done. Onward!


@Micki - this is just brilliant. Are you doing a Temperature Project for this year?

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I want to know, too @Micki!

After knitting a year-long project that amazing I could see how you’d want a week off. LOL

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Epic! Inspiring! As the kids say, that’s fire!!


Really stunning!

I am so glad I plunged into this year long project. I will miss not tracking temperatures daily, being surprised by the “next” colors and watching the daylight hours increase & decrease, but other projects are calling my name. Happy knitting to all! Micki in NorCal


This is amazing! What a treasure.

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I’m actually knitting two projects this year. One for 2004 which is the year we built our house and one for this year.
Both will go real quickly since I’m going with the original Tempestry concept. Both are in linen stitch, one row per day, and only 46 stitches. I had to wait for my yarn for the January 1, 2023 color and it arrived yesterday. So, it took me about 45 minutes to catch up through yesterday.

2004 is underway but the yarn I need for 1/1/04 is currently attached to 2023.

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I am so glad I plunged into this year long project. I will miss not tracking temperatures daily, being surprised by the “next” colors and watching the daylight hours increase & decrease, but other projects are calling my name. Happy knitting to all! Micki in NorCal


How are you edging your Tempestry inspired project? I’m working on one (my high school is asking for folks to make Tempestries for each year of the school’s history) and I don’t like the garter stitch border on the linen stitch.

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