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Tulip C needles

Just got the interchangeable set and LOVE them. But where can I find them in the smaller sizes? And do they have DPNs? I used to love Chia Goo, but they are too slick for some of my yarns, and the Tulips are just right.


Do you mean the shorter tips? Or smaller needle size? I have seen the shorter tips, but not sizes 1 or 2.

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Don’t know if this is your answer, but tips and cables can be had here:

I bought my complete kits on Amazon, but I don’t think the individual needle tips, cables, etc. are sold there. I love mine!!! The cables are so flexible and, in hand, the needles are nearly weightless. So pleased with my investment.
A quick tip…I use wax paper to keep them slick.

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Thanks for your replies!

I meant smaller needle size, I’d even be happy with fixed circulars and maybe (gasp!)DPNs, although I’m still, after all this time clutzy, with them.

I do love the needles and cables, and they are “Baby Bear” just right for me, not too slick, and not too grippy.

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Confused as to what you mean when you say needle size. Do you mean the length of the tips (needles) I have both sets. The smaller needles measure 3.75" in length and the
larger needles measure 4.75. Both my sets have needles that go up to 13, and the cables (cords) can be joined to create a longer length if needed.

Or…do you mean the length of the needles from tip to tip?
3.75 (or 4.75) x 2 = 7.50 (9.50) then you need to add in the length of the cord. My shortest cord is 11.5 which gives me 19". I think 19" is the shortest you can get in a fixed circular, which is a good size for hats, etc. That is, unless you want to do Magic Loop then the longer (40") cables/cords will work. Many use magic loop instead of a shorter circular. I haven’t tried Magic Loop.

No I meant size, like 1 or 2. Tulip actually makes fixed circulars, Kanina (sp) but the sizes I need ( 1 or 2) are hard to come by in the US. The other thing I like about bamboo besides the weight etc, is the light color of the needle with dark yarn has become an increasingly necessary requirement as my eyes age. Sighhhh.

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