Needle set you love

Does anyone have an interchangeable needle set they love? Thinking of taking the plunge…

I’m using Chiagoo and have three sets plus the minis.

I find that the minis are too difficult to work with since they’re too short. But other than that, I really like using them and they’re pretty inexpensive compared to other brands. I have wood and metal needles in the three sets I have of regular size needles. I only use the red cables and they are great.


I tried the red cables and liked them also! Thanks!

+1 for Chiaogoo! They are great.

I have the Lykke wood set and also an Addi set in Olive wood. I prefer the Lykke set – it starts with size 3 (Addi starts with size 4) and I find the connection very smooth. The Addi set seemed to catch my yarn – I rarely use them. I also have the Lykke DPN set in a nice little black case. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing when I started knitting so I have metal Addi’s in every size and cord length. I kept thinking, gee, knitting is an expensive hobby. I just didn’t know . . .

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The one I reach for most is the tulip with longer tips. I love the cables and the swivel. I have addi clics too but prefer their fixed circulars. Personally I did not enjoy the knit picks set, but some people love them.

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Many years ago, I was given an Addi interchangeable set and I wanted very much to love it, but I find that yarn catches on the joins… very disappointing. I also have a knit picks set which is okay… I may have to look at the Chiagoo set based on what folks are saying here…

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I’m looking for “short” IC needles in US size 10.5 & 11 to knit bulky hats. I have a set of shorts in size 4-10 and can’t find the larger sizes anywhere! Any advice much appreciated :wink:

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I have a beautiful colorful wood set from knit picks - love the hand feel of the wood and it’s less slippery than the metal needles. Something so warm about wood in my hands for the needles.

I have 4 sets of HiyaHiya interchangeable needles - smaller needles in long and short lengths, one set larger sizes, and a set of bamboo. They are my favs, obviously. The thing I like about them is flexible cables, and the cables rotate, so your needle tip never comes unscrewed as you knit. I have a Chiagoo set, and I like the tips and cables, but I constantly have to check the tips aren’t coming off. I’m good at catching it now, but there were a few disasters at the start.

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Just bought some Tulips, I hope I love them, because the ones I have now snag horribly.

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