What yarns have great stitch definition

Hi, I have a pattern for a dragon which I want to knit as a wall hanging. Ravelry: Tahesha the dragon (ess) pattern by Ina Wendrock
I’m looking for suggestions on which yarn will give me really good stitch definition. This pattern looks fairly complicated and I want the finished product to be worth it! Also, I know cables generally show up better in lighter colors but I think I’d like to try a darker shade for this, maybe medium to dark grey.
Thanks for any thoughts.

Well the first one that comes to mine these days is Atlas. It has great stitch definition and makes a lovely piece of fabric. If that’s not your bag, look for a very smooth wool without any added haze like mohair or alpaca. I would also use the search bar on the MDK home page and search on stitch definition. There are other factors that come into play including how the yarn is spun and plied.

Are you planning on knitting it with wool, cotton, acrylic, or other?

I have no preference. Just something that will make the cable stitches really pop so that the design of the dragon can be easily seen.

Cool pattern! If you look at the projects on Ravelry, some definitely pop more than others. You can find ones there you like and see what yarn they used - that would give you a starting point at least. It looks like people used all sorts of fibers and colors.