Yarn Shops in Italy

We’re going to Italy at the end of the month - Rome, Florence, and Venice. I can’t make a specific plan to go a yarn store - the DH will never go for it. However, if we “just happen” to pass a store while we’re walking about…

Does anyone know of any neat yarn stores along the beaten path? I’ll probably be the one who figures out how we get from one tourist attraction to another.


I visited this shop, Lellabella, in the middle of everything in Venice several years ago. It is a small but sweet shop. Hope you enjoy your trip!


I also visited Lellabella in Venice. It is not easy to find, so don’t trust Google, unless they fixed it. We wondered around in circles until I asked a clerk in a hotel for directions.
They were so nice in the shop and I have a picture of myself with the owner and her daughter. The owner doesn’t speak English, but the daughter does.

Thanks, all! I gently guided the DH in that direction without him realizing. :grin:

It is a sweet little shop. I grabbed a couple skeins of Sesia Milford and a couple skeins of Adriafil Mistero. The Mistero will become a beanie. The fate of Milford is TBD.