Can you let me know what size needles are used for MDK Field Guide #23?

Arthritis restricts my use of tiny needles. I can use 6 and above comfortably, down as low as 4 can be done, but loosely…

I know there will be a range of sizes in the Field Guide, but a general idea would be helpful!

Field Guide 23, Glow, calls for US2 and US4 for 3 projects and US1 and US3 for the other project.

I have found that I can use smaller size needles if they are long enough to hold comfortably, so for thin yarn and smaller gauge needles I use straights or dpns if the knitting is flat or small circumference and I can’t use a long circular with longer points. My hands hold up a lot better that way, compared to trying to hold the short tips on a 16" circular needle of any size, but especially in the smaller sizes.

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