Colors for the Valdres Pullover

My sister wants me to make the Valdres Pullover for her and I’m super excited! I’m a bit confused though, since the pattern clearly states that it’s for six colors (Daphne, Ribbon Red, Peat, Gold Nugget, Frost Pink, Vanilla Custard). In all the photos, though, it really looks like the background color in the band with the blue and pink is a bright white (presumably Wind Chime), not the cream color of the background of the upper portion of the sweater. I know Ann’s “Getting Started” post also mentions that color change but it’s not reflected in the book! Is there an erratum somewhere I’m missing that says it should be white and how much to use for the different sizes? If not, has anyone made it in seven colors? Or is that “white” actually an illusion produced by putting the particular cream of Vanilla Custard next to this specific blue and pink.
My sister wants it in bright bright jewel tones (we’re probably going to buy colors from the SweetGeorgia Elements color system), so if it is an illusion, we’ll need to think about whether to try to capture it. If it isn’t and there is a seven-color version of the sweater somewhere, I’d love to know information about it.

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Okay…I’m pretty sure it’s just an illusion. I zoomed into the photo on my computer, and also went and checked my hard copy of that field guide. If you take a look at just the white stitches next to each other (cover up the blue and black if it helps), it appears to me that they are actually the same shade.

Not 100% sure how you’d capture the illusion if you’re working in bright jewel tones…it’ll probably come down to how you assign the colors. Maybe taking a B&W photo of the yarn you purchase, and comparing it with a grayscale version of the field guide photo will help you match the colors based on depth of color?

Best of luck!


It is an illusion, the (original) post may have already been updated. Even using bright jewel tones, you can mimic the illusion with the broad range of shades in the SweetGeorgia yarn.
I can’t wait to see what your sister chooses.