Help with Combining Yarns

Somewhere, I ran across a guide for combining yarns, such as a strand of fingering weight and a strand of sport weight. What is the result? Are there other combinations that result in something that can be used in a published knitting pattern?

Shibui has a mix sheet here:

It’s for their yarns, of course, but can be a very good guide for achieving a gauge or look.


Thanks. It is very interesting and I have printed it out.
I also found “Chic Knits Knit Blog - How to combine multiple strands of yarn for a new larger gauge”.

I need to save both of them. I have oodles of fingering yarn, spun from my CVM sheep and would like to combine. I think that I will just put two together to see what kind of DK, or worsted, fabric I get. I like that Shibui tells you what size needle to start with.

This would also work for all of that stash that we all have. It would make pretty marled yarn.

Thanks, again.


I tried to find a link for the chart from Chic Knits to include. Glad that you have it, too.