It's Léttlopi KAL 2023!

Hello! I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s projects, and I’m very intrigued about all of the Lopi love. I bought Lopi to make a Felix pullover about a year ago, and I really struggled with how scratchy it is. Does it get better once you wash it? Or does it just not bother most people?

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Yes! It’s crisp to knit with, but it softens with blocking. It might not ever be a yarn you chose to wear next to your skin. Here are two MDK contributors on Lopi for they why it’s like that and knitting at a loose gauge (that works for Felix too).

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My Felix is marinating until I finish this patch for the family quilt my sisters are making for a new baby in the family. Since I can’t post this on Instagram where the mother, my neice, follows me I’m posting it here. All those stitches in the square need to be filled before I can knit again. :sob:


This is great! Love your colour choices.

Moving right along. Have to make a few colors as multi color to have enough yarn but will be fine.


Fantastic! I love these colors together.

Thanks hope will turn out ok.

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My first Destination sparkle transition from the glacier blue is done and I am on to my second color, lagoon heather, which had a supporting role in my Stopover. I threw a little fourth color into the pockets with my other body color, Moor. I love this fast sweater-making!


These colors look :kissing_heart: together.


Just finished Felix cardigan—started a while ago. Used stash yarn, not Lopi.
Made size 48, which fit great on shoulders and arms but ended up too big on torso. I didn’t want it to be cropped so added some length, which I probably should have skipped and/or done some shaping. I didn’t have it in me to rip out and redo. Every project is another lesson learned!




First Felix cardigan, first time knitting with Lopi! Going with basic black to fill a wardrobe hole. Many of the sweaters I’ve knitted ride up and flare out in the back, especially on a shorter length sweater. I’ve been experimenting with adding length/pushing the shoulder forward with short rows across the back just below the neck, with mixed success. Does anyone else have this problem? Please share if you have a good solution.

Water Rabbit

I am making the Water Rabbit cardigan. I just wanted to let everyone know it is free for a limited time during Chinese New Year.


Beautiful!! You are very quick!

I just love these colors together! Beautiful!

Very nice!!!

I love it. I would love to try my hand at this craft.

Oh so very nice!! I love how the colors are working together!

I decided I would start with the trinkets mittens , but I will not make full mittens . I wear fingerless mitts all year at work , and need a really warm sturdy pair . I only had a few moments last night to get started but I think they will be nice.