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Linoleum Dishcloth

I’ve started Kay Gardiner’s Linoleum Dishcloth (found on Ravelry) and have had a few silly questions, but now I’m asking about Row 9 which repeats on Row 21. Is there any error? It doesn’t add up for me.

Row 9: Using B, (k1, slip 1) twice, *k5, (slip 1, k1) twice, slip 1; repeat from * until 4 stitches remain, (slip 1, k1) twice.

It has to add up to 43 stitches. I’m not getting it.
Is there an error in the instructions or an error in my head?


I took at look and then went down a little tiny rabbit hole and ended up making a spreadsheet to try to figure it out. Here’s a chart of the first 10 rows.

The cells with the bold border on the left are the repeat for each row. The cells with the bold border on the right show how the pattern repeat emerges. Obviously, it’s not the whole pattern, just the first 10 rows.

So I think the answer is to lose the final four stitches on the written instructions. The row needed to end with a s1, k1, s1, k1 and it does that without those extras. As Elsa would say, “let it go.”

Not for nothing but I am not insane. I’m in the middle of planning a gala at work at I spend my days buried in a huge spreadsheet so I threw this chart together. It only took a few minutes. When I started knitting more intricate lace, I found that the charts really trained my brain to “read” my knitting which has been a blessing. I find my mistakes much more quickly. So between my current spreadsheet addiction and learning how to “read” the stitches, this seemed like the best option. By the way, my gala spreadsheet is really pretty epic and I will quit my job if it crashes. I should probably email it to my mom at the end of every day to keep it safe.

Bottom line, after all my blah blah blah, just skip the final four stitches. You’ll be fine.

Knit on!


The comments in Ravelry also mention this problem. Someone there provided this solution:
Row 9 should say at the end (first part is correct): repeat from * until 9 stitches remain, k5, (slip 1, k1) twice.


Rather than emailing to your mom, think about creating a 2nd email account that you use for VERY SPECIFIC reasons, like backing up in a cloud without the cloud. I do this frequently with items I find while using my phone; mail a link to myself and then read it (again) at my leisure, usually on a larger screen. By using that email for nothing else, there is never has anything there that I didn’t put in it.