Marlalong! We're knitting Field Guide No. 19: Marls

That was my last Mariko rug knit-a-long! So much fun,

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Loving that just one strip of my color explosion throw can act as a leg warmer while I knit it.


Yay, that you are able to continue knitting! Lovely colors!

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There are worse problems :joy: That is beautiful!


To knitters of the Spectra Sweater:
Has anyone noticed an error in the Spectra pattern in the first sentence of the Left Front section?
My FG says “with RS of left back facing,…”. Shouldn’t that be “with RS of RIGHT FRONT facing”? For the life of me I could not work out the way it was written in the FG or am I nuts?

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I knit my Colour Explosion out of my leftovers from Kaffe Fassett’s Kites throw. But of course I had to buy more to get enough of some of the colours I needed. And now I, too, still have a healthy bag of leftovers. But I miss having a big comfy TV watching knit on my needles. So I am thinking that maybe this is part of my future….I always need to have a throw on the go. Not only that, but it’s winter, and we seem to be in the middle of another wave of this pandemic! Maybe it’s no surprise that I find myself looking for another great pattern….to use up my felted tweed leftovers, of course!


It appears that this is mis-worded, and when the team has returned from their holidays, it will be confirmed and listed in the errata.
I hope that you are knitting happily on your Front!

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Ah thank you! I guess everyone else had figured it out but I was very frustrated. I couldn’t find mention of it in anyone else’s notes anywhere. Glad to know I’m now on the right track.


Three strips done!


Ah, I’ve reached a hitch. With two blocks to go on the first strip, my suspicion that I do not like the avocado colorway is proved correct. I showed it to my hubby and artistic son, and they both did not like the marling, so I’ve tinked back and ordered a different colorway to replace it. I’ll move to the next strip while waiting for my order to come in. I do love the electric green and the celadon, though, especially with marling.


Just getting ready to microswatch myself! I got Tvinni instead of Tynd so I hope it will block a bit softer… just preferred the color selection.


Finished my Marlogram cowl! I used the same two colors as shown in the Field Guide sample, but pulled from the outside of both balls. Didn’t like the pastel-ly beginning but pleased with the finished result.


I really like the dark edging! Nice touch.

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A game of ping pong sounds like so much fun!!

I LOVE this!!!

What fun it will be to knit for your grandson. And so cool that he got to pick the colors. That’s the thing I love about knitting – thinking about the recipient along the way . . .


Carol, is this the blues/greens (ie, COOL) kit from MDK or colors you picked yourself? I have the cool kit, but am really not good with “winging” it color-wise and will shamelessly copy yours if it’s the kit! Thank you.

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Sorry decourtney, I picked the colors—before the cool blue was posted as an option. A couple approaches come to mind that may help you: 1) the pic below is marked with the letters that were in the Field Guide assigned to the red version, or 2) choose the three colors you want to dominate and assign letters by how much is used in the pattern—I used 120g color A, 100g each of colors E and H. Choose a color that you want the least—I used 67g color D. The rest of the colors used similar amounts of 80-94g. (This is the approach I’m using to plan another throw :slightly_smiling_face:) or 3) microswatch with some of the colors you’re not sure about. You might feel more comfortable once you see how the colors play together. However you assign your colors, I think it will be beautiful—awesome yarn and pattern—and there is no wrong! Have fun, I look forward to seeing it!


Thank you for this. A great way to think about options.

Oh my gosh, SO helpful. I really kind of freeze up when presented with too many color options (fabric and paint stores are a nightmare for me) and this gives me some confidence to tackle that box of yarn. Thank you so much!