Moss Field Throw tables

There’s a pdf link with all changes up on corrections - and a redo of the charts is in the queue…

Thank you for all that you and the others have posted. I feel very embarrassed to admit this but I have no idea what to make of the tables. I can read a chart with knitting symbols but these charts make very little sense to me. I have decided to wing it and use the picture you very kindly posted. I love MDK but this pattern has been a frustration for me.

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@Sanannnan. Please don’t feel embarrassed! You are far from alone: It’s not you, it’s the tables! It took me hours of studying to even begin to figure them out, and even with corrections and help from lots of people on this forum, I still had to completely rewrite them so I could follow them while knitting - and I know my Moss Field Throw will be far from the original. I confess I would have given up if I could have returned the yarn, but I foolishly marked the plates and balls with their code numbers - making them unreturnable. I’ve finished my first (but actually the second!) panel and I’m taking a break: even following my own tables makes my brain hurt. Your throw will come out beautiful, regardless!

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Thank you!!!
I feel better!
My project is in “timeout” for now but I feel encouraged to try again.

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Mine is also in timeout because I want to see what some finished projects look like with the yarn that arrived in the kits. I’ve tried every which way to make square 4 have the contrast that the photo shows and it just isn’t happening… so I decided to put some other projects ahead of it while waiting/watching photos from others to come in :). I LOVE the photo of this blanket and am excited to get it figured out some day :).

My center panel has been temporarily retired, with the remaining yarn, to a cardboard box in the corner. I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it eventually as I don’t really want to use the large (expensive) pile of yarn for anything else. But the single panel could end up as a scarf, too. What a disappointment after being so excited when I first saw the photo in the FG.

Agree. Definitely disappointed with this kit. The pattern and yarn are not producing squares which resemble the photo. (At leas not for the first square (square 4) anyway and I haven’t ventured further… waiting to see completed projects from others before I continue.