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Pressed Flowers modifications

I love the pattern of Pressed Flowers, but didn’t really want a triangle, and didn’t want it as heavy as the original. So here’s my mods:
Using fingering weight yarn, Jill Draper Ansel for the background color and Freia minikins for the flowers. US # 4 needles, aka 3.5 mm.
I did a 16 stitch quick swatch in stockinette which measured 3” (about 7.5 cm). This is close enough for the width of one pattern repeat.
I wanted a rectangle roughly 18” wide, so that’s 9 repeats. Cast on 16x9 stitches, plus one edge stitch.
Just repeating the 16 st repeat from the chart. I’ve got a box of minikins, and close to 900 yd of Ansel, so I plan to go until I’m out of yarn for a big long wrap.
And then I want to do one with a Freia Bomb as the background. And maybe the same Bomb started at the other end for the flowers! Or use the border pattern instead of the center one. Or use a mix, so there is a border all around the edge (I considered this but I didn’t want to think that hard). Endless possibilities!


Thank you for sharing this. I’m of the same view on the triangle. so you took care of the hard part for me!