Question about Penrose Bag Instructions

I’m knitting along making my bag and have referenced the chart but have been using the written instructions. I saw Kay’s tip to use the chart to make the handles and I realized I did not interpret the instructions so they match the chart. YIKES! I think I have made a big boo-boo. (Hoping I didn’t) I was not purling that last purl stitch in the written instructions until the end of the row instead of at the end of each sequence. The advice I’m looking for is do I knit the chart exactly for each sequence? I saw this after I drew a chart for the handles because I need to see all 23 stitches mapped out for my wandering mind. I hope this question makes sense. It may just be my poor chart reading skills. Thanks in advance.


The handles are a chart plus part of the chart - which I have charted and written in full over the 23 stitches for each side.
If you email me
I will forward the pdf to you.


The handles were definitely a challenge for me too. The instructions that said do handles in pattern did not help me one bit……but I stuck with it and figured it out and now I have two handles and am started on rest of body. It actually came out exactly right when it all came together. I used a cut and paste method to create the whole pattern so,I could visualize it. Ha ha. If I knew Nell had it all worked out it would have saved me a lot of stress but I do feel that sense of accomplishment that I did it !,I am anxious to see finished bag. I love it !,


Thanks for this post as I think i will start on this in the near future! Good points to know.