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Refreshalong: The Transom Cardigan Seminar Meets Here

We are going to knit the saddle shoulder sweater of our dreams, Carol Feller’s excellent Transom Cardigan.

For video tutorials and to read all about it, go here.



Can I jump in and ask a sleeve cap question? I started my Transom well before the Refreshalong started so I am now at the sleeve caps. I picked up a few more sleeve stitches than called for in my size. Should I do the number of short rows to match my original size or the size that corresponds to the number of stitches picked up?

Hi, I’m a little nervous about tackling the Transom sweater, but keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to do it. Had a question about gauge. I just did my stockinette swatch for the Transom and am getting the pattern stitch gauge of 21 sts but am getting 32 for my row count instead of the pattern row gauge of 30. I can just add more rows to the body length to compensate, right? Or, are there any other adjustments I need to make with this construction? Also, are people doing a swatch for the diagonal cables? I’m tempted to just cast on…

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Try it on! If you think your sleeve cap needs to be a little longer then you can add a few more short rows.

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Most spots in the cardigan give a ‘knit to’ length so you’ll be fine once you go by those. the only place where you’ll need to be careful is at the underarm, you knit to the length needed and then after that you have armhole shaping rows. Maybe work a couple of more rows before the shaping to compensate?

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Started yesterday. I’m so excited to add this cardigan to my wardrobe!

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Ok thanks, I’ll do that!

Yuri, I am right there with you in the nerves department! I have lots of trouble counting rows and stitches, but think I’m getting 21 stitches and 26 rows to 4 inches. Let’s jump in together and see what happens. (PS. Not only did I swatch, but I WASHED THE SWATCH! Being home for so long has really changed me.)


Can’t wait to jump in, but I was too late at the junction, and the Chalk and Plum colorway train is in the Roundhouse. Thinking about purchasing Hay Bale instead, but oh, that jammy plummy goodness! Since I’ll wear this cardi forever, I’ll wait for restocking. You folks have fun getting your knit on. I’ll bring be on the caboose, but enjoy reading about your progress.


Hi Elsinore, I also dislike swatching as I keep getting different counts every time I measure and I also have a tendency to change my gauge as I knit. I think I may have been a little tense in knitting my swatch so I’m actually making another swatch and try to stay relaxed to make sure of my stockinette gauge and also to check the pattern gauge, which I’ve been trying to avoid. I’m 5’1" so wouldn’t want to make unnecessary adjustments and end up with a sweater that is too long!

I love the chalk and plum too! I am thinking of making the trellis top with that if I ever finish the Transom. For the Transom, I went with Angry Monkey (brick red color) as I do need a red sweater for the colder months and especially over the holidays. Look forward to seeing yours in chalk and plum!

Literally I was just debating Angry Monkey for the Trellis, to start that first. We’d be the Inverse Twins.

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That is too funny!

Hi, just received my yarn yesterday and finished my gauge square so I’m ready start.
Looking forward to work with all of you.
Hope to have a progress report soon.

Also might need advice as I knit along.
Mary C

Really like this sweater pattern. I dug some Gems sport weight out of my stash, purchased the pattern and started a swatch yesterday. I am really excited to get going on this sweater, BUT I have two other projects on the needles that I’m really enjoying and should finish up first . Maybe I’ll just put in some extra knitting time and do all three!


My yarn came TODAY - I need to put more trust in the universe, because I was sad this morning that I didn’t have it for the first day of the KAL. :crazy_face:

I’m doing the Late Night Blues, because my mom sent me a navy blue cardigan with pockets years ago, and I wore it to death. So yeah, I’m going to put pockets in this.

This yarn is so soft! :heart: I didn’t expect that, because of the linen in it. And I love that it’s hairy, because in have cats that like to shed and I’m not the best housekeeper. :cat:


Thanks for the videos! I was working the second saddle and see I was doing it backwards :slight_smile: Took them both out and ready to try again. Anyone else have a loose stitch look on the Flat left diagonal cable? Mine doesn’t look quite right. The Flat right diagonal came out beautiful. Any suggestions?

Hey there! I cast on yesterday too. This is gonna be a full-on concentration kind of project. I’m finishing my back panel and getting ready to pick up the saddles… fingers crossed I do it correctly. I’m knitting mine in Cappal, the darkest shade, which means only knitting in daylight hours because my ole lady eyes are about shot. But this yarn… the squishiest, the dreamiest. I can’t wait to have a sweater!

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Yes, just swatched for the pattern and my flat left diagonal was looser. Blocking it does help. I also played with wrapping my yarn backwards for the purl stitch following the cable knit stitches, but you have to remember to reorient the stitch on the wrong side. It tightens the knit stitches but I’m wondering if it maybe too much as it looks a tad flatter. Still trying to figure it out, but thought I’d mention it in case you want to try it too.

Had to restart a few times as I got used to reading pattern but getting it now. Here is one repeat on the back panel, in Cafe Flamingo. Using a stitch marker at the halfway point helped me stay on track.