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Transom Cardigan

I started the cardigan and I’m now up to the right side and am about to begin the shaping for the neck and the arms and the instructions seem to be backwards - i checked the video and i did do the right side correctly - does anyone else have this issue?

I haven’t got that far yet but reading ahead through the pattern (print version) it looks ok as far as I can tell without knitting it. On Carol’s Ravelry group someone has pointed out that the last row of the left front short row shaping section is not required and Carol agreed with that and said go straight to the neck shaping after repeating rows 3 & 4 the stated number of times. But that person didn’t mention any problem with the right front.

I am not sure what you mean by backwards. You are creating a triangle of fabric with the point at the top of the armhole-shoulder join and the short side at the neck edge. From what I can see in your picture, it looks correct so far If you look at the pattern schematic you will see that the shoulder line angles downwards.

It seemed fine for me when in did it. The only thing iI can think is that maybe you didn’t do the single purl row at the beginning? That’s in the the left side, but not the right. That’s to get you to the correct side of the piece, so the short rows are on the neck edge, not the armhole edge. Could that be it? Am I even making any sense?

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That is exactly what happened - i forgot to purl back - i realized that after i sent this to be posted - i realized it about 30 minutes later and then i asked them to never mind this post but i it got posted anyway

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@Lakent I have so been there!

After a few rip outs, I am happily on my way with the Transom. I have complete Right Front/Shape Neck and Armhole and reading through Left Front/Shape Neck and Armhole it says to do both the neck and arm increases in the beginning. Unlike the right side where you increase till 3 inches
Am I reading the correct? Seems the left side will have a different shape.

Has anyone completed this section that can advise?

Thanks. roni

I have the electronic version of the pattern, and it says to do the neck shaking first, and begin the armhole increase after a certain number of inches. Sorry my image is all marked up, but it’s the place I marked in blue.


Thanks the information. I forgot I also had the e copy and I see the errata was corrected. I like your markings. I do my counts on the page as well. Gives some history to the project.


I am just beginning as my yarn arrived yesterday. My question is about the fit. If my bust measures 41" and my upper chest is 38 1/2", what size should I follow?
Thanks, Randy

Hi, I wonder if you meant to ask for advice from the thread generally rather than from me personally? It’s not that I mind but I’m not sure I’m the most knowledgeable and experienced person to advise. For what it’s worth I went by bust size and it seems to me that your two measurements are not so different from each other to rule that out.

Thank you for your reply! I’m figuring out how to use this thread, how to post and begin my swatch at the same time. I appreciate your reply.

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