two strands of sport held together?

I’m planning to make a new afghan. The pattern calls for two strands of sport yarn held together. Size approx 60" X 80". I’m also changing seven verticle panels to five wider panels. Is there benefit to two sport strands rather than one of worsted? Is there drape difference or one of the decisions of the original designer? The guage difference would not affect an afghan. thanks for any opinions

There’s a lot to consider when subbing. Here are Patty’s thoughts about “Custom Yarn” Ask Patty: Custom Yarn – Modern Daily Knitting and Jillian’s on doubling yarns Double Vision – Modern Daily Knitting And here’s Jillian on drape: Yarn Detective: Drape and Elasticity – Modern Daily Knitting And, of course, swatching to see how you like the two strands of sport compared to the one of worsted might also affect your decision about yarns. Personally, unless I’m doubling to get a marled effect ( Mixtape Marls – Modern Daily Knitting ), I’d go for worsted.

That is a lot of information! Thank you so much. I will work through the info, then make an informed choice. MDK came to my attention in 2023, I have learned a lot and a lot more to go

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