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Arne and Carlos mittens, all ready for trip to Norway next week


I just completed the “Hana” sweater by Junko Okamoto! Hooray! A year and a half in the making with two interruptions when other projects called. The sweater, much to my relief, is fabulous and I love it. Now I’m knitting color stranded hats (Mauna by Leila Raven) and swatching for two summer tops (Sylvestries by Anne B. Hanssen Design and Boxy Lace Tee by Churchmouse Classics).


Hana is incredible! It must feel so fantastic to have finished it.

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I’m making A Walk Through Aspens by Kalurah Hudson in Big Bad Wool linen color. It’s a large cabled rectangular wrap for my daughter’s wedding in Denver in April. She is going to wear it while walking down the aisle. Here is a photo from ravelry. I’ll post one after the wedding of my finished wrap!


Here’s my Hana living the life in snowy Nashville!


I have had this on my list for years. Really want to knit it. What yarn did you use?

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I LOVE this on you!

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de rerum natura Gilliatt (worsted) and Ulysses in the same color for the embroidery. Fibre Space in Alexandria VA carries this French yarn. It’s wonderful to work with and was perfect for the Hana.


Thank you. It really is lovely.

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I am thrilled to have finished it! There were a couple of times when that outcome was in doubt, but I was determined to see it through! Hana is the first project I’ve posted on Ravelry, a site I use often to research patterns and read comments before selecting a new project. I hope to continue that practice.


Beautiful work! I want to make this pattern for my sister. Did you use the yarn specified in the pattern?

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Thanks! Yes, used Norwegian Wool. These were two of the few colors left on MDK during the sale. I liked the combo and even though I had bits of the other colors leftover from other projects I decided to keep them as is (w/o duplicate stitching.)


Right now, one of my UFO is Hálfmáni, Ravelry: Hálfmáni pattern by Hélène Magnússon

I am using Plotulopi, because I missed the opportunity for the Icelandic yarn for this project. And in Artic blue, it is coming out nicely, and am in the final rows…


Working on flax light for a new baby.

Well written pattern. Very happy so far.


I’m a fan of the tincanknits app.


Thank you. I’ll be honest, I have not tried the app but will look forward to hearing your thoughts. This is the first of their patterns that I have knit.

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I’ve never knit socks until last year and I love it! I’d been wanting to try it for years. Thanks to MDK and the Wanderlust Field Guide I finally gave it a whirl. I found the words of wisdom on page 7 especially helpful: “take your sock instructions as they come, not all at once.”

I knit a practice pair with a zaurball yarn. They were ok, but a little big, so I gifted them. The rest are pictured in Neighborhood Fiber Co. Basquiat; Lichen and Lace beach glass; and Barnyard Knits Campfire, which I made for and gave to the same friend - she’s been ecstatic over them. I love the little tents panel pattern - have never seen that one before.

They’ve all been cuff down and that’s been working great for me. I like the kitchener stitch finish. And I am a fan of the extra heel flap which gives a little extra cushion and wear.

The current sock is my first try at a picot hemmed cuff and I think it’s wonderful. I’m using KnitPicks Abernathy and I love how the little tips on this one came out in the bright turquoise - pure serendipity!

I have a long-time UFO for my daughter I’m determined to finish before May, but I’m totally hooked on always having a little sock project for a quick aside and to take anywhere.

Thanks again for giving me the spark to try knitting socks. And thanks especially for all the fabulous support, encouragement and camaraderie everyone here shares ~ always a bright spot in my world. ~ Kim


Those colors are beautifully striking - will make a gorgeous baby sweater. Sadly I have no babies in my life, but I’d love to know what that yarn is?

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I recently participated in a KAL sponsored by The Cashmere Goat in Camden, ME. The patterns were the four Carbeths, all by Kate Davies. I finished the Carp-Beth about a week ago — used Quince&Co Owl held double in colorway “Steppe”. Size 3. Really happy with the results. I modified the collar to not fold over and knit the body several inches longer.


I am a HUGE fan of the cashmere goat. It’s such a lovely shore. T’is a pity that I live in Yonkers, NY.